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“Positively Pets training certainly does mean that you can have the 'best behaved dog in the park', and that's really quite important when you think about it. ... Jenny and her staff are absolutely committed to what they do and really do take a personal interest in each and every dog. They care.” 


About Positively Pets

We help train pet dogs in Gosforth and the North East. We don't do anything else. And we've been doing it since 1993.

About You

You might want to get your puppy started on the right track, maybe your puppy/dog could come back more quickly in the park, he might pull on the lead. You might want simply to give him a more interesting life.

About Your Dog

He'll learn good and interesting stuff. Starting with the beautiful basics, getting that really solid foundation upon which doggy-brilliance is based. Then moving on to super skills like retrieve or sendaway or other things you may have never thought it possible for him to do. And he'll be really glad to know we use all kind training, reward-based clicker training, and have a complete ban on aversive equipment such as choke collars.

Team Training

For anyone involved in caring for your dog. And Positively Pets is a team too, many brains do a better job than one.

Online and Real World

Web course updated in 2020 using all the clever stuff that lockdowns have made available. But we're not new kids on the block, we've had a Web Course since 2014. And we'll not leave you on your own with online learning, we'll chat online both 1-2-1 and in groups. And same for home visits, we support students in the real world too.

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Meet the Team

I want to give people what I was looking for when I first started training my own dog.  A friendly, controllable pet.  Helpful, supportive  instruction.  Somewhere I could do just the basics or progress to more advanced training and learn more about dog behaviour.

Jenny Adams

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Our Guarantees

  • Kind, effective, relevant training
  • Maximum and minimum number of dogs in class
  • Trained staff
  • We have a Health and Safety Policy, and full insurance
  • We respect customer confidentiality
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Our Goals

  • Sufficient staffing
  • A quality and regularly reviewed service
  • Caring and tailored to individuals
  • Equal access to all
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