Our Friends

....Odd socks, lost shoes, a teddy with no ears.
Clean laundry strewn around the room.
What am I to do?

K. I. S. S.
Keep It Simple Students

Mo Poole, extract from her 2014 poem K.I.S.S.


Our friends in alphabetical order:


Blythman & Partners

Our Puppy Party vet since 1993.




Caroline Howlett Petnanny, Animal Artist

Caroline brought her Lurcher, Buck, to class years ago and we've been friends ever since.  Jenny: I'll always remember the target blusher brush she used to help teach him to walk to heel.

And here's where she showcases her wonderful animal art.



Our colleague Carrie Evans helps with behaviour problems.



The amazing Chris Hare who organises agility shows like no other.



My sister Jackie who helped me develop this website and is the proud owner of Specs




Animal behaviourist Peter Neville has been a source of wisdom and humour for us for such a long time.




Just Dog, our Rachel's dog walking and more.




Sarah Whitehead

Her site has downloadable helpsheets of spot-on advice and a shopping cart for her books and pamphlets on dog behaviour and training.