Jen's History Dogs

All my dogs in date order.


First dog, Casper, obedience Border Collie

Isn't he handsome? First of my three UK Kennel Club Registered Border Collies and the first I trained in a class and worked in Kennel Club obedience competitions.


Tatty, Coyote, Katie

Oh no, cats! Tatty, Coyote, Katie. Coyote was my first clicker-trained dog.


Libby, second dog, my best winning obedience collie

International Sheepdog Society registered Border Collie.  And she's the one who won me the most prizes in KC Obedience Competitions, working up to Class B, the second top class.  She was mega keen and worked her little socks off for me.  Although why she liked to sleep in plant bins, I will never know.


Lucy, daughter to Casper and Libby

Daughter to Casper and Libby.  She was amazing with other dogs, she had an almost magical ability to calm down any other dog she met.

Lucy & Libby

Libby and Lucy at the Rising Sun Country Park

Jumping at the rising Sun Country Park.  Sadly, the Council took the jumps away, but it wasn't my fault they did that!


Puppy Squirrel

Jack Russel x Small-Brown-Furry-Mongrel.

They say everyone has one dog who sticks with them forever, Squirrel was mine.  Photo is of her in the nest with her brothers and sisters.  I nearly picked a black one!  Life wouldn't have been the same if I had.

As my first clicker trained dog (well, second if you count the cat), she taught me how much more dogs can learn with clicker.  She had such a range of things she could do, and taught me how to teach more than any dog before or since.

Me & Old Lady Squirrel

Old girl Squirrel. Photo thanks to Caroline Petnanny.

15 years later than the previous photo.




My first tiny dog, a Papillon.  He taught me that size isn't everything!  He did gundog style retrieving out of the rough, he started his agility career in the Veterans class at age 9, but still I could carry him about in a bag if it was raining.

Paris & Mary


Showing off their teamwork.  Perfectly loose leash, lovely attention, happy together.


Beetle Yorkshire Terrier Working Type Cocker Spaniel

Probably the sweetest dog I've ever had. Born 13 June 2009, she's a cross Cocker Spaniel/Yorkshire Terrier - both working-types of their breeds. She's also the one that won me the most prizes overall, getting to Grade 7 - the highest - in competitive Kennel Club Agility. Her Kennel Club Activitiy Register name is Blackberry Fields Forever... get it? Dog's name is Beetle...

Beetle & Tybalt

beetle & Tybalt Heeling

Super stuff eh?  Tybalt is a Miniature Pinscher, a friend of ours.


Currant Pomeranian

Born Born 17 May 2017, she's a Pomeranian and takes a lot of combing!

She's so much fun and just lurves the humans. Parkour's her favourite hobby and she's so brave at it.

She has her own Facebook Page

And her own Youtube Playlist

And her own hashtag #currantpom

Currant & Emma

Currand And Emma at the Vet's

An early socialising trip to the vet's waiting room.