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“Thank you so much for today. B and I enjoyed it soooo much!” HN – garden training.

“Thought the pics from our ad lib Saturday really good! Makes you realise how we approach the exercises. So thank you for putting them together.” AF – Bubble meeting.

Your questions answered about dog or puppy training home visits and training walks in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Living room, garden, park, and Bubble (group) training meet-ups.

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Riley Golden Retriever – 16 weeks. We love to see dogs doing their stuff both in and out of class.

What kind of thing can you help with, Jenny?

Training. Which means pretty much anything that isn’t under the heading of “behaviour problem.”

Behaviour problems tend to be quite serious. Aggression, serious fearfulness/anxiety, anything that looks like mental illness, eg obsessive compulsive behaviour, depression.

If you think this is your dog, please Contact so I can refer you to a good behaviourist.

Saying that, if your dog does have a behaviour problem, I still may be able to help with his training independent of sorting that problem. An anxious/fearful/barky dog may still benefit from training and I’d be happy to help with that. Aggression issues, however, really do need a good behaviourst to be involved, so if you’re not sure what’s best for him please Contact .

Erm, that’s a bit vague Jenny, can you give me more detail please?

Of course!

Training is things like:

  • Your dog doesn’t come back to you straight away and quickly in the park
  • You want to be sure your puppy is learning good manners
  • You’re a new owner and you just want a bit of direction, a hand-hold, on your puppy’s future
  • Your dog doesn’t walk as nicely on-leash as you want him to
  • Your dog is a bit bored and you want him to learn interesting skills and have a more fulfilling life
  • You have special requirements for your dog and you’d like to look at developing these. This could be more or less anything, but an example might be that you or a member of your family has a disability which means picking things off the floor is challenging and you’d like your dog to help you with that

Okay, that’s the kind of thing I’m after, but how much?

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Minimum visit length 1 hour, maximum 2 hours.  Don’t know of any dog who can work at his best for more than 2 hours!

Your site doesn’t want to let me book a visit without an online course. What’s that all about then?

Oh, so many good reasons for that!

I want to spend as much time as possible working with the actual dog.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time during a visit – or a class for that matter – teaching humans.

Think of it this way, support – Web Course & Messaging – is for the human training, visits and classes are for training the dog.

And keeping the two as separate as possible is definitely the way to go. Dogs get bored while humans are learning!  Getting all of your questions asked and answered at 2pm this Thursday is not as good as being able to message a question when it first enters your head. Humans easily forget or mishear a lot of what’s said in a verbal conversation – especially if they’re worried about what their pup is getting up to while they’re trying to listen. Best of all worlds is to have both, text chat and verbal chat be that face to face, on the phone or by video chat.  And with online support, we can do all of that.

Web Course & Online Support also means we can prepare our visit properly, I can get to know you and your dog in advance, we can talk about equipment we might want in place before I come along, I can point you to resources on the Web Courses which will let you get some preparatory training in place. And after we’ve finished our visit we’ll be able to talk about what went well, what we could do better, what we’d like to do next.

Does this mean I need to finish my Web Course before arranging a visit?

Nope. We can arrange a visit any time. We just need the Web Course and Support available so we can use it as and when the need arises.

Saying that, there may be some equipment without which we can’t do the training and which will take a couple of days to sort, so I think some prep is often vital. But that’s easily discussed on whichever messaging platform we’re using to talk about his training. Even a landline will do! I’m not fussy!

I’ve noticed you mention “Bubbles…”

Essentially group training both online and in the real world.

We create an online group of dogs who can meet any time to train, either with me or without. If you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll work to create a bubble for you.

Bubble visits with me cost the same as 121 visits. This is because they’re a lot more work for me to manage and support. Also means we can easily convert the session into a 121 if it turns out the rest of your Bubble can’t actually make it.

And what about training walks?

Training walks, Bubble or 121, can be at any venue, we’d sort this in advance. Saying that, I’m not massively happy with taking Bubbles to the park. This is for safety reasons. There are dogs in the park who are not nice and it is much more difficult to ensure safety if we’re trying to look after 4 dogs rather than just one.

So, park is fine for just 121 as long as you’re happy to work among unfamiliar, possible out of control dogs, probably not with Bubbles.

Thanks Jenny, that’s most of my questions answered, but I’ve just thought of another one right now.

Contact  And I’ll sort as soon as I can.

Zeeba Rhodesian Ridgeback Down Stay in Car

Zeeba Rhodesian Ridgeback Down Stay in Car. Don’t worry, she’s not off-leash near traffic. We’re in a long way away from the road.

So, what do I do now?

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  • Visits are for training not behaviour problems
  • Support “out of hours” for both visits and classes
  • Anything you’re not sure of or isn’t working for you, just ask!  Contact