Positively Dogs Class

"(my dog) has taken a remarkable improvement in his behaviour this week thanks to some of your advice and a change in commands etc. It really is amazing. We've just played fetch and tug for half an hour without him trying to bite or sprinting off. Miracle.  Thanks."

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Train your Pet Dog

For all pups/dogs over 18 weeks when they start class
Maximum 4 dogs, minimum 2
The Big Brain Bit - for owners (no dogs)
Online Course included

Our longest running course. We started pet training classes when most trainers in the region were training only exercises necessary for competition or working dogs.

We're just as nice to the older pups/teens/adult dogs - if not nicer! But our goal in this class is to increase owner control using kind methods, not to solve behaviour problems. If you think your dog is not good with people/other dogs, please contact us.

Positively Dogs is Supportive

The very small numbers in this group means we get a happy medium between one-to-one training and a group session. We usually have 3 or 4 staff available on Sunday afternoon to give a very high ratio of trainer to dog assistance.  Also means we can pay more attention to working towards what you what you want from him than we can in larger groups.

Positively Pets helps train pet dogs. We don't do anything else. And we've been doing it since 1993.

Positively Dogs is Condensed

4 sessions over three weeks makes a small hole in the diaries of busy people while still getting a complete course. We cover the same amount of material as we do in our longer courses.

Positively Dogs is Comprehensive

We will:

  • Teach and troubleshoot recall, lead walking and general control
  • Assess to make sure he’s happy at class

…Teach and troubleshoot recall, lead walking and general control:
We can get you going on your training very quickly and support your practice at home via the Web Course.

…Assess to make sure he’s happy at class:
Small classes are much less stressful for dogs and the short course means we can still help you if he turns out to be not 100% happy at class. We really do not want to make worried dogs worse.
If he does enjoy his training, we can move you to College where we can work on tuning the basics as well as introducing new exercises such as retrieve, stays, control at a distance.

The Big Brain Bit

A handler training session is two hours where we teach owners and leave the dogs at home. This means we’re not spending a lot of time teaching people during dog's classes. Dogs can get bored and barky while their owners are learning how to train them.

Owners can also come to The Big Brain Bit well before their dog can start in class, say, if your chosen class is full. This means you can work through the Online Course and practise what you learn in handler-training before you come along with your dog. You can also choose to repeat The Big Brain Bit which follows your dog’s course as a refresher.

Dog Weeks

Two x 1 hour sessions training with you and your dog in a very small group.


  • Web Course has video, audio, help sheets, projects to assist you and your dog's learning.
  • Q&A Group answers any questions that require more thought and feedback than we can manage in an hour training session.
  • Alumni Group shares training tips, progress notes, general interest about living with pet dogs.

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