Puppy Training

Q: What did you originally want from the course? A:“How to put into practice what I’d learnt about dog training from books” Q: Did you get it? A:“Very much and thank you.”

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Puppy Training Newcastle

Train and Socialise

Puppy is our most popular class. It is a specially designed infant school for puppies during their rapid learning stage of development.

Puppy teaches his lessons against a background of contact with friendly people and (very cute!) puppies of a similar age in a safe environment.

You got your puppy in order to enjoy him, to have some fun with him.  Working with puppies is fun!

Puppy Class

  • Coxlodge Community Association, Gosforth
  • Sunday afternoons or Tuesday evenings
  • Six hours of training over 5 weeks (including two hours of The Big Brain Bit)
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  • All puppies start under 18 weeks of age.
  • Maximum 10 pups, minimum 4.
  • All classes use clicker training and clickers are provided.

What do we teach at puppy class?

Recall: We teach pups to come to you in the park and have their lead attached. We're not fussed if they sit straight in front of you or not.

Lead: We aren't fussed if they sit straight at heel or not. We do want them to walk without pulling and pay attention to you.

General control:

  • Sit, stand, down positions.
  • Puppy health check.
  • "Leave it!"
  • Not jumping up on people/other dogs.
  • Pay attention and listen to you.

Social skills (with dogs): Pups get to play off-lead with each other in a safe and supervised setting. We don't want them to learn to enjoy dog company more than your company, so we do train them when they're loose. We want shy dogs to gain confidence and bolder pups to learn to control themselves so we balance games carefully so pups learn the right social attitude in class. See also: FAQ

Social skills (with people): Everybody gets to handle the other pups in class. For example: we do mock-up health examinations where pups are checked by other class members, we practise polite greetings of strangers.

The Big Brain Bit

The first session is 2 hours where we teach owners, no dogs allowed!

Separate handler training means people are learning about dog behaviour, what to train and how, puppy development without having to worry what their puppy is getting up to at their feet.  Dogs get bored while people are learning.

It's best to do The Big Brain Bit at the start of your course, but if circumstances mean you book a course in session 2, you can pick up that session either during or after your puppy's course.

Positively Pets helps train pet dogs. We don't do anything else. And we've been doing it since 1993.


Web Course: Videos of class demonstrations, audios of training sessions to do at home, socialisation/training project, staged pdf helpers and helpers on specific subjects such as training equipment.

Q&A: A students only Facebook Group for asking questions that require answers more detailed than we can give in class. Past posts are also a great resource, see the problems others have had, the answers and the progress and problems involved in getting issues sorted.

Walkie Talkies: A students only Facebook Group for any subject that isn't strictly a question. For example:

  • 03/04/16 Discussion about children and dogs.
  • 01/04/16 Link to list of dog-friendly pubs in Newcastle.
  • 31/03/16 Video of Rio the Havanese keeping busy with his activity toy.

Puppy 2

Puppies who are still under 18 weeks when the next course starts can repeat the Puppy Weeks. They'll meet a new set of people and puppies and improve their training skills. You can either book a Double Puppy or book onto Puppy 2 during your first Puppy Course, there's a discount for booking Double Puppy.