Puppy Kindergarten


We've helped Blythman & Partners Ltd run puppy kindergartens at their veterinary surgery in Gosforth since 1993.

Kindergarten is for younger pups who are between vaccinations so aren't yet mixing with other dogs. We discuss safe early socialising and starting him on his first training lessons. And there'll be a Blythman's nurse on hand to advise about healthcare matters.

  • Free play between pups
  • "Pass the Puppy"
  • Health Check demo by nurse
  • Training demo by Jenny
  • Q&A

…We manage free play very carefully to make sure pups aren't learning the wrong lessons from each other. We do not do "free for all" play.

…"Pass the Puppy" lets everyone handle each other's pups to help puppies get used to being handled by unfamiliar people. For safety, we keep a special eye on pups who are very strong/wriggly - especially making sure children in the group can manage. To help increase their confidence, we make it easier for shier pups, for example by doing "Stroke the Puppy" instead.

…Q&A on subjects like house training, neutering, puppy biting, puppy safety.

Important stuff for you to check before you come to Kindergarten:

  • Puppies are welcome if they're customers of Blythman's or Positively Pets
  • If you're not a Blythman's customer you need to book a Puppy Class before you can book Kindergarten
  • Pups need to have started their vaccinations as advised by their vet, and their own vet must be happy that puppy is healthy.