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*Then upgrade to “Move-on” for more advanced training.


Basic: We’ll do our best to answer questions.
Priority: Questions answered and followed-up.

  PreSchool Positively Puppies Positively Dogs
Age of Dog All To 18 weeks From 18 weeks
Duration Lifetime 6 months* 6 months*
Videos 3 15 15
Audios 0 5 5
Summary Videos 0 3 3
Total Video Duration 30 mins 4 hrs 4 hrs
Slides 2 88 88
Lessons 18 21 20
Quizzes y y y
Project y y y
Support* Basic Priority Priority
“Dog Bubble” (optional) n y y

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We want to get to know you and your dog.  Answer your questions, find out what your priorities are, help with your homework.

Web Course is not just “Here’s a video, now get on with it”, although it can be if that’s what you want, it’s our way of providing whatever help you’re after out of class/visit time.

Using the message platform you choose, we’ll get in touch and talk through any issues you’d like to sort.  Could be something quite major like house training, could be something very interesting like teaching him an assistance exercise, could be something really small like getting him happier with having his harness clipped on.  Or all of the above!



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