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*Then upgrade to “Move-on” for more advanced training.


Basic: We’ll do our best to answer questions.
Priority: Questions answered and followed-up.

  PreSchool Positively Puppies Positively Dogs
Age of Dog All To 18 weeks From 18 weeks
Duration Lifetime 6 months* 6 months*
Videos 3 15 15
Audios 0 5 5
Summary Videos 0 3 3
Total Video Duration 30 mins 4 hrs 4 hrs
Slides 2 88 88
Lessons 18 21 20
Quizzes y y y
Project y y y
Support* Basic Priority Priority
“Dog Bubble” (optional) n y y


We want to get to know you and your dog.  Answer your questions, find out what your priorities are, help with your homework.  Web Course is not just "Here's a video, now get on with it", although it can be if that's what you want, it's our way of providing whatever help you need out of class/visit time.



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