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Details of Positively Pets policies and guarantees for all classes.


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Positively Pets – guarantees
Positively Pet – goals
Children in class
Cancellation and refund policy
Health and safety
The health of your dog or puppy

Our Guarantees

  1. Kind, effective, relevant training
  2. Maximum and minimum number of dogs in class
  3. Trained staff
  4. We have a Health and Safety Policy, and full insurance
  5. We respect customer confidentiality
More detail…
  1. We will always use kind, effective, relevant training. We do not base our training on dog showing, specialist work or competitions.  We never use push and pull training or circular heelwork. We’ve had a ban on choke collars since 1993.  Punishment may be used when other methods have been exhausted, but only with owner consent.
  2. To maintain the quality of our training each class will be restricted to a maximum 10 puppies or 8 adult dogs, and a minimum of 4 dogs (all classes).
  3. All of our staff are fully trained.  Instructors have recognised Instructor Certificates.  Assistants are trained in-house.
  4. Health and safety policies and insurance documents are available on request.
  5. Sensitive and/or personal information will not be released in a way that allows you to be identified without permission.  Notably, no photos or videos of customer faces will appear online unless you want us to share such images.



Our Goals

  1. Sufficient staffing
  2. A quality and regularly reviewed service
  3. Caring and tailored to individuals
  4. Equal access to all
More detail…
  1. Most classes run with three staff: instructor, assistant instructor and class assistant.
  2. Quality is regularly reviewed.  We continually update our knowledge and skills.  Services are regularly reviewed and students consulted about current performance and future plans.  We will not sacrifice quality for commercial reasons.
  3. We treat all dogs and owners as individuals.
  4. We are working towards providing equal access irrespective of physical ability, age or individual requirements.


Children and young people at class

Children are very welcome: it is important that everybody helps train the family dog.  However, under sixteens must be with an adult and need to be on their best behaviour.  Parents might want to sit down with younger children and explain that Mutley will be in a strange place so it’s important Mum and Dad look after him there.

  1. Children under ten should not handle dogs except in Puppy Class.
  2. Young people between the ages of ten and fourteen can train under direct supervision of an adult who must be able to take the lead at all times.
  3. Young people between the ages of fourteen and sixteen may handle dogs.
  4. If there is a risk of  puppy/dog escaping, for example in the car park, a person fourteen years or older must keep hold of the dog’s leash.


Cancellation and refund policy

If we need to cancel a class all reasonable efforts will be made to contact you.  Fees will be refunded if an alternative arrangement satisfactory to you can’t be made.

If you need to cancel a class we’re happy to refund as long as your cancellation is more than 7 days before class is due to start.  Our maximum numbers policy means we frequently turn students away and then can’t fill that place if we get a late cancellation.

If you need to cancel, we may still be able to help via the web course, including online Q&A.  We may also be able to swap you onto another course.

If you’re cancelling because of something we need to fix from our end, we can only fix it if we know what it is so we’re very grateful for customer feedback.




Health and Safety In Class

Ground rules

Please note that our rules are in the interests of safety and concern for owners and their dogs.

  1. Harsh handling may mean expulsion without refund of course fees.  If you are in doubt about what harsh handling means, please ask.  We have a complete ban on choke collars (chain or other material) and equipment prohibited by the APDT Code of Practice.
  2. Cleaning Up.  You are expected to clean up after your  dog.  Materials are provided, and we will be kind!  We will help.
  3. Conduct in Class. We aim to ensure that the atmosphere in class is relaxed and friendly, so it’s very important owners supervise their dogs and children (and themselves!) with great consideration for other students.
  4. All dogs must be kept on lead except where instructed by staff.  Students are responsible for their dog’s behaviour and safety in class and in the immediate vicinity.

Young Tybalt is safer in the woods with his longline on

The health of your dog

All dogs should be fully protected by vaccination as advised by their Vet.
Dogs should not come to class if they:

    • Are not in a fit state to attend due to disease, injury or any other reason
    • Have been in contact with another dog infected with a contagious disease.
    • Bitches who are in season.

If the dog cannot come to class you are encouraged to attend without him.



We reserve the right to move dogs to another class or remove dogs from class if this is in the best interests of the dog or the class as a whole.

Positively Pets cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury or damage to person or property.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time. Serious or repeated breaches may result in expulsion from class.  Please remember, our rules are to keep classes safe and enjoyable for all.

Archie and Mr Gatsby know we want to keep classes safe and enjoyable for all.
Archie and Mr Gatsby know we want to keep classes safe and enjoyable for all.