Positively Dogs Classes

Some well-behaved dogs in their Positively Dogs Class.

Q: What did you originally want from the course? A:“How to put into practice what I’d learnt about dog training from books” Q: Did you get it? A:“Very much and thank you.”

Customer feedback.

Kind Training for Pet Dogs

Our longest running course. We started pet training classes when most trainers in the region were training only exercises necessary for competition or working dogs.

We're just as nice to the older teens/adult dogs as we are to pups who start under 18 weeks - if not nicer! But our goal in this class is to increase owner control using kind methods, not to solve behaviour problems. If you think your dog is not good with people/other dogs, please Contact.

Bink the collie cross is settling down at her owner's feet in class.
Bink is nice and relaxed in class, despite being rescued from a bad start in life.


Coxlodge Community Association, Gosforth

Sunday afternoons or Tuesday evenings

Four hours of training over 5 weeks. 2 hours Big Brain Bit, 2 hours with dog.


For teens/dogs starting class over 18 weeks.

Maximum 4 dogs, minimum 2.

All classes use clicker training and clickers are provided.

A mix of clear, kind, consistent, practical, varied, and fun training exercises.

A quiet group with lots of individual attention.

All the family are welcome.

And Online Support so we can pick up on you and your dog's individual needs.


With Dogs

His "socialisation window" is closed after 18 weeks, but that doesn't mean he can't learn good manners around other dogs.  He'll learn to listen to you with other dogs RIGHT THERE, giving you a chance to keep him with you and doing the right thing when he comes across other dogs in the park.

With People

We work the polite greetings of strangers!


General control

Pay attention and listen to you.

Sit, stand, down positions.

"Leave it!"

Not jumping up on people/other dogs.


Coming back to you in the park straight away and quickly and have the leash attached.

We're not fussed about them sitting straight in front of us, it's the speed of return we're after.

Loose Leash Walking

From the very first step on our dogwalk!

We aren't fussed if they sit straight at heel or not. We do want them to walk without pulling and pay attention to you.

Course Contents

In more detail.

Online Support

Web Course

Details of all the exercises we do in class and much more.


Weekly Helpers


If you're not ready to come to class for whatever reason, you can sign-up for just the online support and we can help with your training at home.

Messaging Support

We can talk online about the particular needs of you, your family/friends, your dog. Get to know you and tailor training to each dog as an individual.

We may also be able to arrange a "Training Bubble" of owners who can talk online and meet up in the real world for social/training. This, of course, depends on enough owners being interested in Bubbles at any given point.

The Big Brain Bit

The first session is 2 hours where we teach owners, no dogs allowed.

Separate handler training means people are learning about dog behaviour, what to train and how, without having to worry what their dog is getting up to at their feet. Dogs get bored while people are learning.

It's best to do The Big Brain Bit at the start of your course, but if circumstances mean you book a course in session 2, you can pick up that session either during or after your dog's course.

We'll review what you've found out online, make sure your Web Course is working for you.

Play "The Dolphin" Game which improves our timing when training and "The Training Game" which teaches us how to train an animal who doesn't speak English.

And there's time for questions and shares too.


One hour a week over 2 weeks.

Week 1:

General control, pay attention, positions (sit/stand/down), "Leave it!"

Start recall and loose leash walking (heel).

Week 2:

Review and improve exercises.


We don't like to leave keen owners to "just get on with it" after a single course. We want to be there before and after Class too.

If we're pretty sure he's going to be happy in the class environment, he can book further weeks of training.

If he books Positively Dogs with College or Double Positively Dogs right away, there's a discount.

But if he wants to complete his first course before moving on, that's good too, but no discount.


A 6 week course with more dogs in it and much more content.  For pet dogs and enthusiastic owners who want to go beyond "Primary School."

Subjects include:


Distant Control
Stop on Recall
Distracted Recall
Heel past food


Double Positively Dogs

Owners report how easier it was the second time around and how they feel they learned more due to the repetition and being more familiar with the class environment.


Beau the Bulldog at his Positively Dogs Class, April 2016.
Beau is never later for any appointment!


Big Brain Bit



Sunday afternoon

Tuesday evening

We don't run Classes on days next to a Bank Holidays, over Christmas, and occasionally take breaks for other reasons.


Positively Dogs Calendar


For new starters.

If you're already in class or have recently finished a course or have had a home visit, login to your Web Course for your price details.


Positively Dogs Single Course With Support: £159.90

Positively Dogs and College With Support: £227.85

Double Positively Dogs With Support: £227.85

PreSchool Web Course: Free!

If there's anything else you'd like the price of please contact.

Hunter the GSD (German Shepherd Dog) being very relaxed in his Positively Dogs Class.
Handsome Hunter the GSD settling nicely in class at his owner's feet.


Coxlodge Community Association

9 Jubilee Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE3 3UR

We've been here since the 1990s and are very grateful to the Committee for their continued support of what we do.

There's a big field and a smaller lawn, the small lawn is lovely for dogs to get some R&R (and do a bit of training!) before and after class. Plenty of off-road parking. Two minutes from Gosforth High Street, next to the Fire Station on Jubilee Road, it's central and easy to get to.



Ramp access and the doors can be opened wider if required.

Google Map and Street View of Coxlodge Community Centre Venue, April 2016.
Map of the final steps of journey to Coxlodge Community Centre, October 2020.
Photo of Street View of Coxlodge Community Centre Venue, June 2016.
Norman, Border Terrier, at his Positively Dogs Class, May 2016. He's looking pretty interested in what's going on.
Norman is always ready for the next step in his training. We just need to give him a clue!
A selection of dogs in their Positively Dogs Training Class. Labrador, German Shepherd Dog (GSD), West Highland White Terrier (Westie), Bichon Frise. They're all settling nicely at their owners' feet. May 2016.