"Been having a lot of joy lately with (the dog) and her "leave it", so thought I'd try it with her favourite tonight... warm pork and apple sausages, pleased to see it worked! Even got her to "leave it" once the sausage was already on her tongue but still held in my fingers." From Student Facebook Group.


English Setter Stella

Stella is sad when people leave their booking to the last minute and don't get a place in class.


Please don't leave booking to the last minute.  Our limited numbers of dogs in class mean that classes frequently fill up.

Book Conveniently Online

Online booking forms get us all the info we need about you and your dog.  For puppies under 18 weeks, we also take his birthdate so we can be sure we're putting him in his age-appropriate group.

Helps and Hints

Puppy date of birth

If you're booking a puppy we'll need his birthdate, it might be worth looking this up before you start.

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