Move-on Classes


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People stick with classes for many reasons. They may want more practice, to learn more things, their dog might really be enjoying his classes.  Great, we can do that.  And more.

Yes, we want to give you the relationship with your dog that you're after, but we also want to take you further than you might be aware you could get.  To help your dog become as good as he can possibly get. For example:

Heel... Slow, fast, distracted, stylish, accurate, with positions, with retrieve, before sendaway, after sendaway, after wait, turns, before greeting, brace.

Move-on classes are our secret weapon.  They're where we turn pupils into masters.

Further, Higher, Life-Long...

Courses are 18 weeks split into 3 blocks/terms.  Each 6 week block concentrates on a different area of training and is complete in itself.

  • 18 weeks covers all subjects and all areas
  • 6 weeks does one area/core subjects/some of the more advanced subjects

You can book for 6 or 18 weeks.

For dogs from Puppy Class:

  • Juniors - socialisation and learning tailored for the challenging months of adolescence
  • Advanced - adding more challenge, owners solving their own problems much more
  • Super Advanced - more polish, "post graduate"
  • Masterclass - life-long learning.  Mixing exercises, working as teams, keeping him smart

For dogs from Positively Dogs:

  • College - where training really starts for dogs happy in class environment.
  • College Plus - Advanced through Masterclass levels.

Web Courses for Move-ons

  • Videos, Helpers, Projects
  • Q&A and Shares




I've trained in a class before, can I start at a higher level?


Our Secret Weapon...

Anyone who's spent a bit of time exploring this website and/or our social media may well have noticed Positively Pets is a team.  Most of us started in class having never dreamed we'd end up still involved many years later.

We've been the launching pad for long-term friendships, dog sport competitors, careers with dogs, we've even had a marriage!

I started training my own dog in classes back in 1983, or round about then.  He was not good, I was not good, but I found myself enjoying myself nevertheless.

About 3 years later, I was going to classes two or three nights a week and shows at the weekends, I was instructing. I had a stressful job and dog classes were my escape, hours where I could think about nothing else but spending quality time with my dogs.  I got a new life from my training, one I didn't expect.

And now I'm the one who helps other people to do the same thing.

Positively Pets has always had move-on classes. To begin with, just one, now we have 7 (8 if you count our informal agility group). And these aren't people who are ploughing on to sort out their dog's problems, they're people who are enjoying it. Like me.

Jenny Adams